Engage finds high traffic affiliates not advertising your brand

(and shows you how to contact them)

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iGaming brands monitored


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The ground-breaking tool connecting iGaming operators and affiliates

Engage monitors website rankings 24×7 to find new opportunities

Engage is simple yet effective

New affiliate opportunities

Identifying new affiliates that are not promoting your brand

Leveraging existing affiliates

Finding opportunities with existing affiliates to increase brand exposure

Contact information

Providing contact information for the affiliate


Identification of other websites the affiliate owns

Competitor analysis

See other brands affiliates are promoting


Tailored pricing to suit individual requirements

We scan in multiple countries

We currently identify opportunities for clients in the USA, UK, India, Canada and New Zealand. We are able to connect you with affiliates working in other countries, please feel free to get in touch with your requirements.

What our clients say

What makes Engage unique?

What makes engage unique?

Simple yet powerful

Underneath the simple interface lies a powerful scanning technology that analyses both PPC and organic results, identifying affiliate sites that appear prominently in Google that you already work with and ones that you don’t, along with methods to contact those affiliates.

Why use engage?

Apart from saving you time through its unique capabilities and functionality, Engage uniquely identifies information about each affiliate and the related sites they own, giving you a greater chance to convert the opportunity.