Boost your affiliate revenues and ensure compliance by… letting us do the work for you!

Seriously… it really is pretty easy!


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just give someone the URLs of all your marketing partners and ask them to find the highest ranking pages, examine the content for relevant topics, conduct a competitor analysis and check that the page was compliant and not saying stuff it shouldn’t? Oh and better still, maybe just pass back a spreadsheet containing all of the pages that present an untapped opportunity along with the topic scores, competitor presence, traffic by country and any compliance flags?

That’s what we thought too. Welcome to the ACMS ‘Engage’ service!

[TEXT OPTION 2] ACMS ‘Engage’ website content evaluations helps you to both assess the suitability of new marketing partners to promote your brand and to monitor your existing partners for both compliant messaging and to spot new marketing opportunities. By analysing their traffic, identifying relevant content, performing a full competitor analysis and looking for potential compliance risks, we find you the best, compliant, untapped opportunities for increasing your exposure and maximizing your revenues from your marketing partners.


Compliance Monitor



Marketing Analysis

It takes a lot of effort to build a partner program and those partners are always creating fresh content and new opportunities for brand exposure. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your brand is being promoted on the new pages – it may be your competitors who are getting the benefit! This is where our team can help you quickly supercharge your revenues!

View Risk Analysis, Topic Relevance, Brand & Competitor Reports in Real-time!

Bolt on the Intel Go browser extension to get instant analysis on each of your affiliates

Let Us Maximize the Potential Of Your Partners


You provide us with the URLs of your affiliates/publishers and our team will ->


…identify the highest ranking pages on each site in any of up to 25 countries ->


…check each page for potential non-compliant marketing messaging ->


…score the content on each page with regards to relevance to your brand or product ->


…and finally check to see if your brands are present or if your competitors are capitalizing ->


A veritable goldmine of untapped opportunities for you to exploit in a simple Excel sheet!

Support for multiple countries

We currently conduct Risk vs Opportunity assessments for clients in over 20 countries and multiple languages!

Our team use VPNs and proxies to ensure that we seeing the content that is delivered to residents of the country we are analysing.

Our compliance technology provider is Rightlander who monitor for non-compliance and risks to brand integrity across affiliate and publisher websites for over 300 brands in multiple countries in Europe, The Americas, Scandinavia and Australasia.

What makes us unique?

Marketing analysis with built-in compliance!

Every brand wants to ensure that their 3rd party marketers are not bringing their brand into disrepute, misleading consumers or contravening regulatory or brand guidelines. And every brand wants to maximise the potential from their partners. So why not combine the two and let one offset the cost of the other – and some?


Think of us as an experienced and skilled extension to your existing team! All you need to do is to provide us with your publisher URLs and tell us what to look for. Our team utilize their marketing, compliance and technical know-how to perform the analysis and provide you with a list of compliant, relevant and above-all high-value pages on your partner’s sites.