What is Engage?

Engage instantly identifies whether your Brand is being marketed by the sites returned in Google’s search results.  You’ll see whether your brand appears on the page or is represented elsewhere on the site.  You’ll quickly identify new affiliates to work with or be able to improve coverage with existing affiliates.

How does Engage work?

Engage constantly monitors the content of advertisers’ websites, so it can quickly identify whether your brand is on the page or anywhere else on the website.

What other information does Engage provide?

Engage’s advanced AI Engine is able to determine all of the ranking pages an advertisers site has and the terms for which they rank.

Uniquely, Engage identifies other websites the affiliate is associated with (owns), providing URL details to be examined further

Can Engage help me find contact details for the Affiliate?

Absolutely. Engage does the hard work for you. If there are contact details on the site, Engage finds them and presents you with the most relevant options. These are likely to be links to Email and Social networking profiles.

Why would I use Engage?

Engage saves you huge amounts of time when you’re searching for new affiliates to work with. It also identifies opportunities to increase your exposure with your existing affiliates

Engage does all the hard work for you, presenting information that shows whether your brands are being represented on the page or site of the affiliate.

What would normally take you 10mins now takes seconds.

A unique feature of engage, Auto Alerts, continues to work for you  in the background by searching for new opportunities while you’re busy doing other things. When Engage finds one, you’ll get an email.

It’s like having a virtual assistant, who’s only job is finding new affiliates to work with.

Do I still have to contact the affiliate?

Yes you do.

However you’ll now be armed with information about the affiliate, the sites they have and the  ranking pages. This will all help with your negotiations.

How many people can use engage?

Once you’ve subscribed to the service you can create as many user accounts as you like. 

Engage comes with unlimited users and unlimited keyword searches.

How does the subscription work?

Engage is priced on a Brand and territory basis. For every brand you sign up with, you’ll get one territory assigned. You can add further brands and/or territories.

What is a territory?

A “Territory” is most often a country, but could also be a State within a country (New Jersey – US) that provides specific opportunities, such as a unique regulatory regime.

Engage will scan from specific territories around the world (subject to a setup process), ensuring you’re delivered localised results for the Territories in your subscription.

 What territories are available?

Engage operates in the UK, US (New jersey), Canada (English and French terms), India and New Zealand. More countries are being added constantly. Please ask for further details.

Can I share information from Engage?

If you have other users on the system you can share results and notes. The system is not designed to replace your CRM, but allows you to keep enough notes to track what you’re doing.

Can I download the results from Engage?

Not at the moment. This facility is planned for a later release.

Can I bulk upload Keywords into Engage?

Keyword searches currently have to be entered manually.

We are planning an upload facility for a future version. 

We do link to Googles keyword planner, to offer alternative keyword suggestions for the keyword you’ve searched for.

How long does it take to get setup?

Setup is a straightforward process. We can have you up and running in a few minutes (subject to the territory being available).

Do I need to download any software?

No. Engage works through a browser.

Does Engage hold personal information?

Engage does not hold any personal information.

Engage processes information that is in the public domain and uses that with its unique AI engine to provide the results.

Do I need to provide you with a link to my affiliate software?

No. Engage is a standalone product.

Does engage have an interface to connect with my CRM system?

No, although this may be something for a future release.

How is Engage different from other tools I use to find affiliates?

Engage does what other tools don’t do.

Other tools provide data that you have to wade through and make decisions about. Engage does this work for you.

Engage is unique, as it can both identify sites which are relevant affiliates for your brand and it analyses the WHOLE affiliate site and not just the page returned in Googles search results. 

It’s not just a time saving tool – which you could put a cost too, it’s about the opportunity and the unique information Engage is able to provide about the affiliate, that just doesn’t exist elsewhere. 

What is the subscription model?

The subscription model is flexible. We want you to use Engage and get the most out of it you can.

The initial subscription period is 3 months. A discount is provided for a 12 month subscription. 

During the subscription period it is possible to add, take away and swap territories (for a small admin fee).

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes you can.

Although we’d encourage you to keep the auto alert feature active for a nominal monthly fee.

When new opportunities are found you can reactivate your account to gain access to them.